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With you from start to finish



Construction Auditing & Accounting Professionals’ (CAAP)  offers unique expertise that combines construction auditing and accounting along with construction program/project management experience totaling over 60 years and $15 billion in projects, protecting the Owners interests throughout the entire life cycle of the capital project.  




CAAP develops favorable contract documents, improves the project control environment, develops the Owner’s project financial manual, and conducts the auditing and financial control reporting throughout the project lifecycle from commencement through final completion.


We perform Capital Project/Construction process reviews, comparing our findings to industry best practices and providing the Owner recommendations for improvement.


Finally, we ensure that all project costs are: compliant with their contractual agreement, reasonable, documented, accurate, and that the contracted obligations were fulfilled.

  • Construction Auditing


  • Owner Representation


  • Forensic Auditing


  • Public Sector/Quasi-Governmental Contracting Compliance


  • Training

  • Internal Audit Co-sourcing

  • Owner Construction Program Process Review


  • Public Utility – Water/Sewer

  • Nuclear Site Water Treatment Plant

  • Oil Refineries/Terminals/Pipelines

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Warehousing/Distribution Centers

  • Paper Mills

  • Freight Lines

  • Healthcare (New Hospital and Renovation)

  • Commercial Office Buildings

  • Medical Office Buildings

  • Retail

  • Data Centers

  • Power/Central Utility Plants

  • Pipelines

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